Recent mural commision..the brief was to recreate a vandalised wall, so i thought i'd add a lil extra touch. fuckshitup1 fuckshitup2 fuckshitup3

Roxe Jam

Painted a few summers ago @ Roxe Jam rmer1-roxejam-cardiff-graffiti-art-mural-thumb rmer1-roxejam-cardiff-graffiti-art-mural rmer1-roxejam-cardiff-graffiti-art-mural2

Badabing badaboom print (SOLD)

Just found these whilst moving studio, these were my original test prints printed back in 2012.

*Please note some of the prints do have faded bits of misprint..i think this makes each one more original!

Title: Badaboom.

Size: 52 x 43 cm.

Colour: Black\White

Limited edition silkscreen print run of 6.

Hand pulled, numbered & signed by the artist.

Printed onto recycled 300 gram quality heavy weight paper.




cruel vapours, duck rock Just found this photo, not sure where its from or who took it? Answers on a postcard please  

Hey Ladies

heyladies-web-graffitiart-gardenmural-rmer1 Graffiti art mural commission 2014

Rmer x Hoxe

new-rmer,hoxe-cardiff06-skulljoinerweb2 One from the vaults - Rmer X Hoxe, Cardiff 2006

Liquid Skull

liquidskull-cardiff-graffiti-art-mural Blue Dragon Cardiff 2014

Birmingham Jam

A few weeks ago with Somes, News and Karm we took a trip to Birmingham to meetup and paint at one of the craziest halls of fame i have ever seen...place was massive! Big ups to Vomit, Skank, Shady and Newso for the invites. bham-graffjam1 somesdetail2-bham-graffjam bham-graffjam2 bham-graffjam3rmerdetail-bham-graffjamsomes-bham-graffjamamoe-bham-graffjamrapscallion-graffitiart-bboy-rmer1-web

Skull Camouflage

skullcamo-graffitiart-rmer1-shopshutter-mural Shop Shutter graffiti art mural - Cardiff 2014

Breaking Bad graffiti art mural

Breaking Bad - graffit art mural - Cardiff 1782309_595456787176600_886331102_o Breaking bad inspired graffiti art mural

Secret Jam

greygirl-graffiti-art-mural Took a trip to Birmingham to paint at my good friends Mef & Kem secret jam. Real great day and a whole lotta dope writers turned out some goodness. A celebration organized to acknowledge thirty years in the graffiti game for KeMeFInc from Birmingham went down recently. Writers from across the UK were invited to join Kem and Mef including, Tizer ID (London), Rench HA (London), Alert HA (Nottingham), Rebus (Brighton), Gnasher (London), Title (Birmingham), Rmer (Cardiff), Sokem (Bristol), Shady One AMP ILC (Nottingham), Hemps (Bristol) and 3Dom (Bristol). Big up to Mef, Kem, Lil Wing and all the heads that repped! More flix over @ http://www.12ozprophet.com/news/12oz-exclusive-secret-jam-birmingham-uk-thirty-year-celebration

Sex Packets

sexpackets-graffitiart-bboy-rmer1 Wall with Tizer, Somes & Karm - Cardiff 2013

Skull Tube

skull-london-tubetrain-graffiti-art Painted the end of a mock mini London tube @ Brixton's Urban arts event. London 2013  


Hoxe x Rmer