graffiti art murals


Cardiff city centre graffiti art production with Hoxe @ Callaghan Square

Magenta Mind

Magenta Mind skull graffiti mural painted at Millennium Walkway, Cardiff.

Fighting Irish

Fighting Irish graffiti art mural painted with homeboy Somes MK to celebrate St.Patrick's day


My biggest skull graffiti mural painting to date, slap bang in the centre of Cardiff City, its really hard to capture the actual size of this painting in a photo.    


Had the honour to paint with the London Legends Shine Quest (been a fan of there burners for decades!) here in Cardiff alongside Hoxe and Somes MK  

Cruelvapours In Little Cardiff

Graffiti art mural based on one of my favourite films Big Trouble in Little China, featuring  heavyweight artists Ekto and Ster (London), Hoxe and Karm (Cardiff).

Lemmy Motorhead

Graffiti art mural portrait of rock legend Lemmy of Motorhead.


Sunday hoarding painting sessions in Roath, Cardiff with Amoe and Hoxe Cruelvapours. Later the boards were taken down and re-arranged by the contractors ,obviously puzzles are not their strong point? kind of like the new composition.

Purple Haze

The Legend Jimi Hendrix graffiti art mural painted at Jack Murphys Bar, Swansea. purplehaze-jimi-hendrix-graffiti-art-mural-rmer purplehaze-jimi-hendrix-graffiti-art-mural-rmer-2 purplehaze-jimi-hendrix-graffiti-art-mural-rmer-3


Live graffiti art demo painted outside the the Wales Millennium Centre as Part of Breaking the Bay, this painting of a Bengal Tiger skull represent the old Cardiff docks known famously as Tiger Bay. tigerbay-bengal-graffiti-art-mural-tiger-bay-cardiff-rmer tigerbay-bengal-graffiti-art-mural-tiger-bay-cardiff-rmer-2


Painting at Cardiff's oldest and nicest 'hall of fame' the Bluedragon (since 1998). Not sure how long this wall will be standing for? as it could be possibly destroyed soon due to new development in the area.  Painted with Hoxe and the MK crew. hoxe-kabuto-skull-wildstyle-piece-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-2 hoxe-kabuto-skull-wildstyle-piece-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-3 hoxe-kabuto-skull-wildstyle-piece-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-4 hoxe-kabuto-skull-wildstyle-piece-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff


Hoxe X Rmer - Graffiti art mural skull wildstyle masterpiece - Cardiff Docks


hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-1   hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-4-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-5-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-2-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-6-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-7-cruelvapours

Cruelvapours On Elm Street

Cruelvapours - with crew brothers Hoxe, Karm, Sokem we painted this rest in piece graffiti art mural dedicated to Wes Craven the creator of the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. This actual graffiti art mural was painted on a street in Cardiff called Elm Street.

cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-4 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-5 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-6 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-7 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-9 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-rmer-graffiti-character-nightmareonelmstreet-8 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-2 cruelvapours-on-elm-street-graffiti-art-mural-cardiff-hoxe-rmer-sokem-amoe-nightmareonelmstreet-3

The Avengers Infinity Graffiti Mural

Mural painted with Hoxe based on the comic artwork by Adam Kubert for Marvels The Avengers Infinity comic. rmer-thanos-avengers-graffitiartmural web-hoxermer-thanos-marvel-avengers-graffitiartmural cardiff-graffiti-art-murals-hoxe-rmer-theavengers-thanos cardiff-graffiti-art-murals-hoxe-rmer-theavengers-thanos

Clwb Ifor Bach/Gwenno Mural

Mural painting with Karm and Zadok as part of  the UK's biggest street art project for getitrightfromagenuinesite and globalstreetart The mural was designed by Mark James inspired by welsh musician Gwenno’s latest concept album Y Dydd Olaf, which was in turn inspired by a 1976 sci-fi novel written by Owain Owain. clwbifor-mural-cardiff clwbifor-mural-cardiff-2 maxresdefault tumblr_nz3hc3DMax1qce1lyo3_1280

Mitsubishi Live Bristol

Live mural painting demo with fellow crew mates Hoxe and Karm at the UK's first urban wakeboarding event in Bristol for Mitsubishi rmer-bristol-cardiff-graffitiart1web rmer-bristol-cardiff-graffitiart2web rmer-hoxe-karm-bristol-cardiff-graffitiart-web  

Depot mural Cardiff

Live skull mural painting for Laced event at Cardiff's Depot. rmerxlaced-depot-cardiff-graffiti


For the legend Rammellzee painted with Hoxe back in 2010 at Meetings of styles on the Shankhill peaceline, Belfast.

rmerbelfast-web hoxermerbelfast-web-1024x767 fullwall-1024x251