Cardiff city centre graffiti art production with Hoxe @ Callaghan Square

Fighting Irish

Fighting Irish graffiti art mural painted with homeboy Somes MK to celebrate St.Patrick's day


Had the honour to paint with the London Legends Shine Quest (been a fan of there burners for decades!) here in Cardiff alongside Hoxe and Somes MK  

Cruelvapours In Little Cardiff

Graffiti art mural based on one of my favourite films Big Trouble in Little China, featuring  heavyweight artists Ekto and Ster (London), Hoxe and Karm (Cardiff).


Sunday hoarding painting sessions in Roath, Cardiff with Amoe and Hoxe Cruelvapours. Later the boards were taken down and re-arranged by the contractors ,obviously puzzles are not their strong point? kind of like the new composition.


Hoxe X Rmer - Graffiti art mural skull wildstyle masterpiece - Cardiff Docks


hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-1   hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-4-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-5-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-2-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-6-cruelvapours hoxe-rmer-tiger-bay-graffiti-art-murals-skull-wildsyle-piece-7-cruelvapours


Piece painted back in 2011 5370225186_65283168ae_o

Rem Abstract

8655240885_b11f6dce30_hPainted a while back

Breaking Bad graffiti art mural

Breaking Bad - graffit art mural - Cardiff 1782309_595456787176600_886331102_o Breaking bad inspired graffiti art mural