R-mer (pronounced Armour) is an graffiti mural artist based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Since he could first pick up a crayon R-mer has been creating and destroying surfaces.  By the mid 80’s at the age of eleven R-mer first caught sight of graffiti art culture and immediately knew this is what he wanted to do.
By the dawn of the 90’s he was starting to experiment with spray cans to produce his art. In 1999 along with local Cardiff old school writers; Hoxe, Skroe, Foe and Dyes they started the graffiti art collective Cruel Vapours.

R-mer’s skills are best seen in his characters, photo realism and abstract work.  Over the past decade R-mer and Cruel Vapours have had their art featured in many international publications and painted/exhibited throughout the UK, Holland, France, Ireland, the US and Australia.